This is more or less in chronological order, but i bring all the relevant parts of this to the table depending on the task at hand.  




+ Develop learning syllabus
+ Class concept development

+ Create detailed weekly classes and support materials

+ Update existing syllabus and classes

+ Live teaching - groups, or one-on-one





+ Identify and create new and unique content & training opportunities for E-Learning, Mentored        Online, Live Online, and Live Bootcamp.

+ Create content development processes for existing and new products

+ Develop and manage budgets and schedules

+ Source and manage freelance talent

+ Perform QA (review, feedback, editing, design direction)

+ Manage Content Development Team




+ PC, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Kindle, Online (Flash and HTML 5) Platforms

+ Game/Experience Concepting

+ Game/Experience Design Doc creation

+ Manage budgets, development schedules for internal and external project teams

+ Project research, competitive analysis

+ Web experience design and direction

+ UI design and direction & UX Design
+ Visual Asset Design (App Store, Social media, Web, Email marketing etc.)
+ Find and hire new game artist and game developer talent

+ Audio Edit

+ Sizzle Video Direction/Editing 

+ Mentor



+ Print, Online

+ Concept & Brainstorm

+ Concept Development 

+ Manage budgets, development schedules for internal and external illustration & photography

+ Project research, competitive analysis

+ Print Layout and Design
+ Visual Asset Design (Print, Marketing, Online)
+ Talent Sourcing - Photography & Illustration

+ Work with marketing to develop Marketing Collateral

+ Work with Product Development  to sync print development


+ Digital Asset Management of large-scale multi-week photo shoots in house and on location

+ Ongoing development of data management and archival/retrieval systems for high volume clients

+ Deployment of daily shoot files for online remote editing by out-of-state and out-of-country clients

+ High-end Color correction, retouching, and image compositing

+ Concepting, designing, and managing print and internet promotional projects for the studio

+ On Location Shoot System Development

+ All IT services at the studio, including network management, hardware and software installation, and troubleshooting in a mixed Windows and Mac environment

+ Building & Maintain shoot floor computers

+ Develop & Deploy Mobile Shoot Rigs

+ Production of fine art photographic and art reproduction prints on Iris 3047 and Epson 9600 printers.

+ Web Design and online/print promotional design



+ Web Design, UI & UX design

+ Daily management of multiple news websites

+ Digital Asset Management - Image organization, editing and retouching, scanning, asset management, storage, retrieval

+ Print design and layout for book, magazine, other related creative projects

+ Production work on all books.

+ Video editing

+ Project planning, research, brainstorming, concept development, competitive analysis

+ Multimedia Experience Design and Development

+ Network administration and tech support for a small but busy digital and print publishing environment of Macs & PCs