inspiration from home

i was very lucky to spend a week at home, getting away from daily life and reconnecting with where i'm from and my friends. old friends who i feel very lucky to have, and new friends that in some cases were a long time in the making.

i think of the reasons i left, and i think of the reasons i'm where i'm still where i am, and i can't help but look inside me for answers to the questions of why i left, and why i am still here.

everywhere i have ever been inspires me in its own way, whether its the energy in the case of nyc, or the history in terms of the greek islands, or the wildlife in the case of wisconsin...the land itself in the case of the usa. despite the rampant destruction of the environment, the land, underneath your feet, is what inspires me here.

anyway, here are a few images from my trip home, back in time, that inspired me then, and still inspire me today, and when i go back to stick my toes in the sand for whatever life i have left at that point will inspire me then too.

this little fella seemed a bit lost without his mammy...

ferns never seem to amaze me with how complex they are

sheep and standing stones...very connemara

clifden quay

the old jail in clifden, summer blooms

down by my favourite place in the world as a child

cuckoo spit

alan kings fine scones...

where else would the road melt at 20C?

where the kings and misc family find their final repose

the modesty splash...

milk chocolate buttons from fiona...back in madison can clearly see i tweaked this pic :o)

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