madeline island - making memories

we took our main family holiday this last two weeks. and with the exception of my camera, it was a technology free time. beach, playing, water, fishing, campfires, good food, sleeping under the stars to the sound of the loons cry. making memories.

there was some life stuff the first couple of days, but even so, it was glorious. what we couldn't do if we were didn't have exes :o)

i read three books, well, re-read two that i haven't read in 20 years or more, and a new one. 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: Odyssey Two, and 2061: Odyssey more to go and i'll have read them all. i can't recommend these books highly enough.

given where we were, there was an abundance of nature everywhere, from the mosquito, to the osprey and everything in between. it was simply breathtaking. inspiring.

in an increasingly noisy world, its nice to disconnect and remember how simple life can be.

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