Vision - practice.

July 17, 2016


I discovered a new netflix show called Stranger Things that is really quite engaging. A mix of ET, 8mm and the X-Files. Its super.


Rather than waste all that time on the sofa, I'm doodling, and trying out some new techniques, or rather tracking and refining a technique that I can deliver consistently.  Given where I've been creatively for the last 11 years, and how my focus changed to my kids as opposed to the art that I love, I'm working on ways to balance both and bring that balance to whatever I do next.


Anyway, Vision. Is just practice, and may never go any further as with many of my pieces these days.


I chose this character in large part because I like the actors (Paul Bettany) precise facial features, and seriously, Vision is pretty cool :)


I start with numerous references, depending on what I'm looking to do, and work in pencil til i am satisfied with an overall shape.


From there we're into photoshop - I usually use my phone as the scanner these days, and I change the background to a warmish grey.


Given that I already have a little pencil shading in, I like to play with some white using a rough PS brush, just to pick out a few features here and there. I add to, and refine these these over time, but I like the feel of having a few bright spots in there because when I move to colour blocking, it really helps me sort of look into the future of the piece.


Sometimes I call it quits at this point, unless the piece really grabs me.


Then on to colour blocking, and for this piece thats sorta where I stopped because It was 1am and I'd been at it for 4 hours and was falling asleep.




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