my dad...

my dad was a lot of things to me as a kid growing up. he taught me about nature. he taught me to love animals. he taught me kindness and compassion to the natural world. he taught me curiosity. he taught me to draw and over time i ran with that, and it evolved into me being a designer.

but i'm an illustrator/artist/whatever label you'd like to put on it. im a designer by trade, but an artist by vocation, if there is such a thing.

i'll admit i was somewhat daunted at first by trying to do something that dad completely pwns at. he is the single greatest inspiration i have had as an artist my entire life.

and my plan is to create a collection of works called faces, and maybe if i can get it all together, have it displayed as an exhibition at the clifden community arts festival in 2017.

Thora. Peregrine Falcon.

Festy. Irish Kestrel

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