from the mouths of babes

we went for a massive hike thanksgiving morning. my 7 and 9 year old guys walked 7 and a bit miles over three hours.

we birdwatched, chatted about this and that, poked around, explored, ran, jumped and hopped.

and then the kids involved me in their adventure game, where they were native americans from southern wisconsin - 'on the run from the pilgrims'

that certainly made me smile, but so interested was i in the story that i said nothing so that i would not disturb it.

penelope piped up, 'justin, did you know that the mayflower was 90 feet long?' i replied that i did not, but was surprised as it didn't seem very big. 'yes, 90 feet, and they had some bad storms on their way here. bits of the boat broke, but they fixed them even though they had bad storms.'

'but they made it all the same'

ronan had been nodding and agreeing with her, but then he said, very matter of factly,'i bet the native people wish they had sinked'

i actually snorted out loud at that part.

anyway, my line drawing is them as ojibwe warriors - 'on the run'

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