'so can you do graphics for social media?' and a new word 'homour'

i have to say that upwork is a lot of things, AND really quite entertaining, once you figure it out. i got a request to create some social media pieces, but could they please see some samples based on their images and words.

based on my experience sourcing freelancers this way, thats a violation of the T&C because it is considered 'soliciting free work'. i told them this, and they hummed and hawed and i suggested i could do some samples based on whatever i came up with.

so i sat down and wondered what i might do, to prove my worth. these are the ones i sent. a mix of stock art and my own photography and graphics.

I wanted: Dip your toes in life, because life is wet.'

they are quite silly. and the client really liked them, and said 'you must have a really good sense of homour'

homour should be a real word. say it.

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