Adobe XD...i wish it worked better

i had to demonstrate my prototyping skills for a job interview, so i pulled together this quick prototype for an online store. given my love of ASOLO boots, the content was a no brainer :) if only XD worked properly and had a more robust toolset. we talked at the interview about how they'd wanted XD to be their tool of choice because, well, it comes as part of the creative suite. but after struggling with it, then went back to photoshop and the many layered psd file approach.

while pixate studio is no longer in development, an app i liked, i wondered why not sketch? i guess the same reasons i didn't take the plunge after the trial expired. figma seems well regarded, though i don't know any users locally. and i just don't care for cloud hosted solutions.

i may have to go back to indesign AND photoshop for my workflow, as XD - you have a ways to go yet :)

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