An opportunity came along in 2016 that offered me the chance to teach ongoing education in the tools of my trade - the Adobe CC Suite, plus related subjects like Digital Painting. It allowed me to take my love of mentoring, and kick it up a notch or two into something formal that I could really engage with.

I create courses, update existing courses, and concept potential courses for development, and then deliver live in class instruction. 


It was serendipitous timing, as I had started a job managing a small team developing content for Information Security training classes at more or less the same time, and it provided me great insight into the complete journey of developing the content right through to delivering the class from start to finish. It also let me see, first hand how not to develop learning content, and to implement positive change in how that was being done.

I also teach one-on-one skills classes to individuals looking to brush up on their skills.



+ develop learning syllabus

+ create detailed weekly classes and support materials

+ update existing syllabus and classes

+ live teaching - groups, or one-on-one

+ class concept development